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Asset Pack Version: 1.0

Unity Version: 4.1

Cost: $10.00 (Unity Asset Store)


This is a must have for all Sci-Fi RTS/Top Down game/level developers!!!

This Asset pack contains of 1 x Base/Top, 4 x Doors, 2 x Base/Top Addons and 1 x Platform items, in 6 specific colours, giving you 60 “ready to use” prefab launch bays (in 6 basic sets).

Not only do you already have over 50 prefab items (in the 6 base colours), you able to easily create your on custom “style”. (Instructions included).

Additionally, the animations for the opening/closing of the launch bay doors and the rising/lowering of the deployment platfrom are included (refer to info text for details).

To see these wonderful items in action, simply click on the “Web Demo” button. :-)

Unity Store Web Demo

Sci-Fi Launch Bays